Code Poet

Apply to be listed in the Code Poet Directory

If you are interested in the new Code Poet program (and not just this directory), you’ll find it here.

The Code Poet directory is currently for WordPress developers that can provide services to big clients with relatively complex projects. In order to be included in the directory, we’d like to share some best practices that you should follow to make your site more effective for prospective clients. Please read through them before applying:

  • Ensure the correct spelling of WordPress and use of official logos across your entire site. Make sure when you reference WP you always capitalize the W and the P – it’s WordPress, not with a small p. Official logos for WordPress are found here.
  • Create a dedicated WordPress services page. Create a page of your website dedicated  to WordPress services only (not on a general CMS or web services page) so it provides clear detail about what WP-related services you offer, and include examples of your WP-specific portfolio.
  • Detail your WordPress portfolio. Include screenshots of the finished WordPress site, a brief analysis of the problem presented and how your company solved it, client testimonials, and other related information.
  • Have a clear method of contact. Once someone arrives at your website from the site, make it very clear how they can contact you. We recommend a contact button or link directly on your WP services page in addition to a dedicated contact page.
  • Know WordPress. Be familiar with and involved with the WordPress community at .org – register and create a user profile, participate in the forums, and submit your plugins and themes to be used by the rest of the community. And know the WordPress License.
  • Keep your WordPress sites updated with the latest version. Your clients need the latest, most secure version of WordPress – your own site should be udpated as well. You can always find the latest version at or via your Dashboard.
  • Share Your Code Poet Directory status correctly. Inclusion in the Code Poet directory does not infer certification or “official” representation of WordPress or of Automattic. You may declare your inclusion by saying the following: “Included in the Automattic Code Poet Directory.”

To apply for a CodePoet Directory listing, please send us:

  • The name, country, and primary language of your firm
  • A contact person’s name and email address
  • A sentence no more than 12 words to describe your business (in English)
  • A link directly to your WordPress services page, as described above
  • Your profile URL
  • References & samples of your WordPress work

Please send us all the information requested above if you would like to be considered for a listing. We only list professional consultants and firms, personal blogs/sites are not eligible.

Upon acceptance, you will be invited to fill out a complete company profile to appear on the Code Poet site.

Note: Please fill out all information below in English.